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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Flip flops ....

Here comes the sun!!! The sun is shining on us in Germany.  Yippee!! I was going to talk to you about watermelons again but today's weather has forced guided me to another topic.  The sun just shouts to me FLIP FLOPS!! I am not in control ... the sun really compels me to wear them on my feet!! Who else has a compulsion, love of flip flops?  Not my hubby - well to be fair, if it was summertime - his opinion would be different but he just disagrees with the desire, need to wear them when it is technically still winter!! mwahhhhh.

This morning we were on our way out of the front door and he noticed (DRAT) my footwear.
"Are you going out in those?" (flip flops)
"Ermmmm YES!" (me grinning)
"But it's still cold outside!" (raised eyebrow)
"But the sun is shining!" (grinning some more)
Roll of the eyes and into our multivan we go!  snigger snigger.  There's a slight breeze, but I love feeling that between my toes.  Just realised this might not be the best post for those feet hating peeps out there! SORRY!! ...
It is getting warmer too ... so more flip flop weather on the way!! YahooOo!!  I'm not sure if anything else makes me feel so happy!

These are my favourites ....I bought a pair for my step mother-in-law from here from the UK. She liked the idea  of the comfort around the toe ... I like the fact they hide my very long big toes!! I got really great service.
I first fell in love with these in 2010 on our family holiday in Florida. I am not kidding, as soon as I tried them on I knew we were meant for each other!!  They joined me on this photo ... oh and so did my son!! hahah  ... here they are brand new. =)  SIGH!!

Matty, mum & FLIP FLOPS - Universal Studios Florida

I've been so mad, fortunate to get another 3 pairs (well I need to have stand by's!) in different colours last October. I joined my hubby for a week of his 3 month long business trip to Salt Lake City and hit the outlets as soon as I landed.  I can honestly say these are the most comfortable things I have EVERRRRRRR worn on my feet.  I love them and they seem to love me!! =)


  1. Oh my goodness, you KNOW my mutual love for flipflops or "flippin' flops" as Steve calls them. I think they really are a husband's pet hate!
    Bring on the dry weather England, I hate wet toes!

    1. It certainly is a mutual love Lou!! Very rainy here today, so no flip flops in sight!! xx