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Friday, March 09, 2012

Remember it's a Privilege!!

Today the sun is shining and Spring is on it's way! That's enough to make anyone happy isn't it?!! Well today also marks the day that my husband's dissertation in the post ... it's on its way back to Ol' Blighty (England)! Results aren't in, but hopefully this means an end to the studying days for him and we can start to spend quality time together and as a family again. (Or shall I pick up on my studies?  Errrr no! Not just yet I need a breather!!  =) As I handed that cardboard packaging over to the assistant in the post office this morning, I felt a sigh of relief! How much more relief my hubby must feel?!  Well, we are a team - we are team M&M, and although he has done the hard slog with this, I hope he has felt my love and support to allow him the time and space to accomplish this.  I am so grateful to him for all of the hard work and dedication he puts into things to make our life better and for the wonderful example he is to our 4 boys! 
Not long after starting his MBA, we were relocated to Germany with his employer. This then pushed him into the 'distant learning' category.  It has been easy manageable - says I - but so glad it is finally OVER!! It has meant time away from the home, travelling to attend classes and exams.  It has meant self discipline and motivation to watch the lectures, complete assignments and study for exams.  Have I mentioned it's finished? =) 
Don't get me wrong, I am a firm believer in the importance of education! I see how it changes the lives of the individual, families and also societies! I am grateful and feel blessed to live in a country where education is readily available to everyone.  You will hear me encouraging my children to appreciate every moment of their education and the privilege, not burden, it is to them.
This leads me to want to share with you the story of  Yeah Samak√©. He is a man who was born in poverty in Southwest Mali.

Son to a selfless, God fearing father who recognised the importance of education and encouraged each of his children to get one regardless of the consequences that would bring. Yeah recalls that when he and his 16 siblings - yes 16!! - would wake in the night with hunger pains, "My mother would tie her handkerchief around our bellies to quiet our stomachs."  No loving mother wants to see their child/ren suffer.  I can't imagine how hard it was for her to witness this.  She was a mother who whilst encouraging her children to attend school for the greater, future blessings, had to see them physically suffer for the privilege.  The sacrifices made were not only time and effort, but an important income which would provide FOOD for the family.  Education has not only blessed his life, the life of his wife and children but the lives of his community and country.  He is running for Head of State!! What a remarkable and exceptional man Yeah Samak√© is to the rest of us searching for that all important Happy Life.  Please read the full story here.


  1. Yey, I figured it out. Love your first post & look forward to meny more to come =)

  2. Thanks Lou! Much appreciated!! Maybe we should link up some posts one day!! xx