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Friday, May 04, 2012

Scripture Hero Posters

We bought a scripture hero poster from a church bookstore whilst on holiday in the US.  My older boys wanted two but I insisted that we only had wall space for one.  So we bought one ... this one.

These posters are great for constant reminders of real hero's, great righteous examples. I wanted to frame it so that it wouldn't get all dog eared and torn.  I purchased this frame from IKEA.

You can view it on the Ikea website here.  Once we placed the poster in the frame we noticed that the mat inside the frame was going to cover the scriptural reference and the other writing.  I could have removed the mat - but it didn't look as good.  I WANTED IT ALL!! The mat, the font, the picture.  

My hubby looking on could see the down turned mouth I had whilst trying to figure out how to make it work.  He was is a genius and gave me the idea to call on my friend who has a vinyl cutting machine to print out some text and scripture for me.  Here's how it turned out!

Well I was right - we only had enough wall space for one!! Well I was right until we changed their beds and had a move around in their bedroom.  Guess what? I needed another poster!! haha.  My oldest son chose Enos.  

Here's the poster ....

Again we were in the same situation that the writing on the poster would be covered by the mat in the frame - so we already had the solution and here's how that turned out.

I really love them and so do my teenagers, infact my 5 year old had requested one of his own too!! They look GREAT in their room.  We have each of them above their beds and hope they remind them to be good men, to follow every command with exactness like the sons of Helaman and like Enos, remember to pray, knowing who to turn to for a remission of their sins.  I love my sons ... all four of them and hope that they are successful in that they can stand with confidence in the presence of God.

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