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Thursday, April 19, 2012

I love you mum

A couple of evenings ago most of our family were busy at a Youth activity and so our five year old and myself were left to our own devices.  That can sometimes be dangerous!! The weather was quite warm instead of wet so we decided a visit to the local park would be a good idea.  I thought it would wear him out for bed too!! Shhh As we were walking there, chatting away I looked down to him and realised how tall he had grown.  It seemed like even in the last five minutes he had grown into a giant of a boy! In between chatting to him, I was reflecting on how quickly time was rolling by and how important it was to make every minute count.  We arrived at the park and we had it all to ourselves.  Thomas ran ahead and jumped on a swing.  I pushed him a little and then he just took off swinging himself.  When did he learn to do that?  Well I asked him and he's learnt that at Kindergarten.  Again it got me on the thought process of how he is really growing up and becoming more and more independent (when he feels like it of course!) Don't you know he is a BIG 5 Year old now?!! =)

This picture is a year old.
I am going to take my camera with me more often so I can capture THE moment!!

I stepped away from him and watched him giggling and enjoying himself and then from the heights (probably too high) of swinging he hollowed "I LOVE YOU MUM!" My heart melted, lump in the throat and that was it right there, THAT is what really makes this a Happy Life .... those small but precious moments. Isn't it the best when they tell you they love you first!!

I got this book for Christmas.     

I have flicked through and admittedly there are ideas in this book that are either too American to do in Germany ie run a lemonade stand, and others that are very expensive to do - however there are LOTS of great ideas to do with your children that don't cost a penny or are at least affordable.  For the ones that don't fit into our family, I am just going to make up my own!! I am going to enjoy working through these with our children so we can make memories and enjoy each others company before they start to fly the nest!! Our oldest has at most a year with us before he leaves home and so this has given me a wake up call to get working on these things.  Someone pass me a tissue - or maybe the whole box!! haha

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