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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Blessing of a Smile!

Living a Happy Life is not the result of everything going smoothly. I am so impressed and inspired by people who live happy lives amidst the hardest of trials. Recently I heard the news of a young LDS missionary who was hit by a bus whilst in full time missionary service for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   You can read this story here at Deseret News.

The accident has left Elder Britton Schenk with severe injuries, with the outlook initially not being very good. However his family have remained full of faith.  The family have put together a blog about Elder Britten Schenk's progress which you can read here.  Have tissues at the ready.  Miracles are unfolding every day and yesterday he even smiled at his mum! As I was in tears reading this it reminded me of how much I take for granted - that small smile from one of your children is priceless! xx

Today 16 April 2012, I have just revisited the blog to catch up on Elder Schenk's progress and he is at home in the US - so grateful that he was strong enough to make the journey.  What miracles they as a family are continuing to receive and witness.  Make the most of today with your loved ones!! To read his progress first hand click here.

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